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Thursday, August 1st


A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing Options with Deborah Cooke (Kanata A)


A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing Options with Deborah Cooke (Kanata A)

Unlocking Your Creativity with Lucy Farago (Kanata B)

Pitch Practice with Ottawa Romance Writers (Kanata C)


Building a Relationship with Your Editor with Ellis Leigh & Lisa Hollett (Kanata A) Learn how to evaluate, accept (or reject), and incorporate editing notes into your manuscript, while building a lasting relationship with your editor.

What Goes into a Cover? With Rebecca Poole (Kanata B)The cover designer for authors like Eve Langlais and Robyn Peterman tells all!

Critique Workshop with Ottawa Romance Writers (Kanata C)Bring a few pages of your manuscript, or your idea you’re brainstorming.


The Alphahole in the Time of #metoo with Eve Vaughn (Kanata A) What is an alphahole? Why do readers love them? What’s our responsibility when we write them, is it possible to go too far, and are they redeemable?

Reach New Readers with Kobo: What’s New with KWL (Kanata B) Are you thinking of expanding your readership? Then this is the place for you. KWL allows you to publish and promote your books to readers all over the globe. We’re here to tell you what’s new at KWL (hint, it’s AUDIO!) and the latest marketing strategies and trends that we’re seeing on Kobo.

Blogger and Reviewer Meetup with Jennifer Wedmore and Jennifer Carole Lewis (Kanata C)Mix and mingle with other bloggers and reviewers for this hour meet and greet!

Welcome Lounge with Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. Pillow (Algonquin)We’ve got badge decorating, puzzles, coloring pages, and awesome authors to chat with!


Pitfalls of Publishing with Susan Hayes (Kanata A) A beginner’s guide to what to watch for, vanity presses vs self (indie) publishing vs traditional publishing, encouraging people to be smart, and knowing the pitfall warning signs.

Marketing Audiobooks in 2019 with Will Dages of Findaway Voices (Kanata B) The audiobook market is changing rapidly — are your marketing tactics keeping up? Where are the new opportunities hiding? What are the obvious tropes that no longer hold true? How should you be thinking about audio in 2019? Come learn from the team that spends all day thinking about (and experimenting with) how to make audiobooks sell.

Relax and Chat with Kobo Writing Life (Kanata C)If you have any follow-up questions about KWL, this is your chance to ask!

Welcome Lounge with Shannon Mayer & Mina Carter (Algonquin)We’ve got badge decorating, puzzles, coloring pages, and awesome authors to chat with!


Decoding the Editing Process with Dayna Hart (Kanata A) Learn how the different types of editing can help your manuscript, and what tools you can use to clean up it up yourself before you send it to a second set of eyes

How Your Local Writing Group Can Help with ORWA (Kanata B)The Ottawa Romance Writers share why they love being a part of a writing group, and answer your questions on why you should find a local group to join.

Bombard Findaway Voices with Questions (Kanata C):
If you have any follow-up questions about Findaway Voices, this is your chance to ask!

Welcome Lounge with Milly Taiden, N.J. Walters, and Susan Hayes (Algonquin)We’ve got badge decorating, puzzles, coloring pages, and awesome authors to chat with!


Top 10 Tips for Tighter Tension with Molly O’Keefe (Kanata A) Turn a mediocre book into one that readers can’t be put down! Incorporate internal, external, and sexual tension into your work to take your books to the next level!

Overcoming the Evil Day Job with Jenn Burke (Kanata B) Writing and publishing multiple books in a year while working full-time at a 9-to-5 job may be difficult, bit it isn’t impossible Learn the tips and strategies that have helped Jenn publish 12 books in four years while working full-time.

Planner Girls Unite! Geeking Out Over Our Organization Tools Planner meet-up with Ellis Leigh, Amy Ruttan, & Godiva Glenn (Kanata C)Bring your planner, stickers, pens and washi tape for this fun meetup!

Welcome Lounge with Robyn Peterman & Melissa Schroeder (Algonquin)We’ve got badge decorating, puzzles, coloring pages, and awesome authors to chat with!


Making Swag with Mandy Rosko and J Thompson (Kanata A)

Seasoned by Experience with Desiree Holt, Robyn Peterman, Debra Dunbar, and Freya Barker (Kanata B)


Snacks and Fun with Mina Carter (Kanata Ballroom)

Audio & Crafts with Deborah Cooke, Debra Dunbar, Melissa Schroeder and Mandy Rosko  (Algonquin)

Friday, August 2nd

8:00 (Breakfast snack events)

Acting Out with AM Griffin & Friends (Kanata A) Do you act out the scenes between your favorite characters in your head while reading? Do you want to see other people act out your favorite characters? Do you like making a fool out of yourself in front of a large group? Do you like to sit back and stuff your face and watch other people make a fool of themselves? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this event is for you! We’ll provide the scripts  from our books and YOU act it out. Complete with awards ceremony at the end! Fun times and prizes! (With Eve Vaughn, Marianne Morea, Eva Chase, TB Mann, Jennifer Carole Lewis and Amy Ruttan)

Romance Reader Cover Bingo with Lacey Silks (Algonquin) Enjoy your breakfast morning with Lacey Silks. This steamy cover BINGO will have you screaming “good morning”.


I Believe in Sexy Aliens! With AM Griffin, Michelle M. Pillow, Milly Taiden, and Susan Hayes (Kanata A)Do you love reading about life out there among the stars, particularly the heartthrobs and their adventures to their happily ever after? Well, these authors love to write them!

Tie Me Up and Spank Me with Becca Jameson, Khloe Wren, Melissa Schroeder, and Ainsley Booth (Kanata B)Expanding boundaries in bedroom scenes with role-playing, dominance and submission, restraints… and more. These authors spice up their character’s lives while keeping it romantic.

Kobo: Canadian Proud with Eva Chase & Ellis Leigh (Kanata C)Learn about Canada’s Kobo and our RTC authors who publish with them! Plus, we’ll be giving away discount codes, gift cards, and a Kobo Forma!

British Lingo Bingo with J. Thompson & Mina Carter (Algonquin) Try your luck with this unique game of Bingo. Will You win?


Cyborgs: Metal Parts, Warm Hearts with Mina Carter, Eve Langlais, Susan Hayes, and Mandy M. Roth (Kanata A) Cyborgs, are they man or machine? When it comes to romance the modifications haven’t killed their desire or ability to love.

Alphahole, The Hero You Love to Hate with Eve Vaughn, Khloe Wren, Nikita Slater, and Elle Boon (Kanata B)You know he’s the bad boy. You shouldn’t love him, but you just can’t help it.  

The Super Fantabulous Insta-Novel with Debra Dunbar, Jennifer Carole Lewis, and Jenn Burke (Kanata C) It’s your own urban fantasy novel, mad-libs style! We’ll divide up into teams and brainstorm a list of words such as “a fruit”, “an emotion”, and “a body part”, then fill in a template to create a book description for the world’s greatest novel. Armed with your description, your team will then assemble magazine clippings to create a one-click worthy cover. It’s part arts-and-crafts, part creative writing, and ALL the hysterical fun. Everyone will win a prize, but whoever makes me laugh the most wins a Super Fantabulous Prize!

Sexy Cover Puzzles with Becca Jameson (Algonquin) Who is the fastest puzzle assembler at the con? Work in teams to put together your hot cover first! Be ready for some awesome prizes and drawings!


Big, Bad and Bold Shifters with Milly Taiden, Elle Boon, Robyn Peterman, and Ellis Leigh (Kanata A) There are shifters, and then there are alphas. Big, bold men who have even larger beasts. What does it take to tame him?

Dashing Men in Uniform with Melissa Schroeder, Desiree Holt, Lacey Silks, and Amy Ruttan (Kanata B)The uniform, the badge, the guns, the muscles… men in uniform represent a modern-day hero full of courage and integrity that readers can’t resist. Talk with these authors about why they love to write them!

Sexy Sneaky Pictionary with Marianne Morea, Jennifer Carole Lewis, and Mandy Rosko (Kanata C) Get your gal pals and boy toys ready for laughs and prizes as we team up and put sexology to the test! This ain’t your mama’s Pictionary, baby! I’ll bring the markers, you bring your dirty mind!


Relax and Knit with Deborah Cooke (Kanata A)Bring your knit, crochet, cross stitch, etc, for an hour of chatting and crafting. We have puzzles, too!

Audition for a Romance with Ottawa Romance Writers (Kanata B) Have you got what it takes to be in a romance novel? The brave can join local authors from Ottawa Romance Writers Association for a chance to win a prize! All you have to do is read an excerpt. “How hard can that be,” said the vixen to the rogue.

Shadowspell Academy: The Culling Trials with Shannon Mayer (Kanata C)You Don’t Choose The Academy. The Academy Chooses You. Come talk to Shannon Mayer about her latest series.

Pillow Fighters Pizza Party Lunch with Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth (Algonquin) for Epic Ticket meal registration only! Hang out with NYT Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow as she makes her culinary specialty — Ordering Pizza!


Riveting Urban Fantasies with Shannon Mayer, Debra Dunbar, Eve Langlais, and Marianne Morea (Kanata A)Sometimes under that layer of mundane exists a  world with magic – and kick ass heroines. For those who like a story that spans several books…

Suspense and Mystery with Desiree Holt, Freya Barker, Carey Decevito, and Becca Jameson (Kanata B)Adding some romance to a suspenseful story can lead to edge-of-your-seat excitement. Let’s talk about our favorites!

Groovy! Rad and Super Bad! With Eve Vaughn, AM Griffin and Amy Ruttan (Kanata C) Are you a 70’s, 80’s or 90’s baby? Were you a disco queen or loved that new jack swing? How deep is your love for pop culture trivia from your favorite decade? Push it to the limit and take a chance to win fabulous prizes. So let your good vibrations fly because this is guaranteed to be a thriller!


Made in a Lab with Mandy M. Roth, Eve Langlais, and Mina Carter (Kanata A) What happens when scientists go a little mad? Will there experiments be big bad and scary? And more importantly, can they earn and accept love?

When One is Not Enough with Milly Taiden, TB Mann, Eva Chase, and Mandy Rosko (Kanata B)How is possible to love more than one in reverse harem or ménage romance? Let’s talk about the intricacies and delicate balance, as well as all the fun!

Red Hot and Wildly Inappropriate Pictionary with Elle Boon, Ellis Leigh, NJ Walters, and Khloe Wren (Kanata C) How well do you know your erotic lingo? Do you think you could draw all those sexy things you like to read about? Join Elle Boon, Khloe Wren, Ellis Leigh, and NJ Walters for a game of Red Hot & Wildly Inappropriate Pictionary! Prizes, sexy excerpts and cheeky surprises. Need we say more?


My Dragon Ate Your Werewolf with Deborah Cooke, Michelle M. Pillow, NJ Walters, and Julia Mills (Kanata A)They’re the apex lovers. Learn why these authors can’t get enough dragons.

Small Town Romance with Debbie Mason, Zoe York, Amy Ruttan, and Desiree Holt (Kanata B)These characters reflect our own lives, and we love to see them get a HEA!

Smut Bash with Millly Taiden (Kanata C) An hour of wild and wacky fun celebrating girls with curves, guys with fur, paranormal romance, shifter, A.L.F.A. heroes, and everything in-between.

Play Dough Sculpt a Hero with Robyn Peterman, Mina Carter, and Mandy M. Roth (Algonquin) Time to sculpt a little something that you won’t be able to display in your house! LOL Join Robyn Peterman along with her buddies, Mina Carter, and Mandy M. Roth for some naughty arts and crafts!


The Joy of Killing Characters with Shannon Mayer (Kanata A)GRRM, Joss Whedon and Shannon Mayer walk into a bar. Everyone dies. Ha! Do authors really drink the tears of their readers? Are they laughing with Satan while they kill off their characters? Find out in this no holds barred discussion with the mistress of death.

Historically Speaking with Molly O’Keefe, Claire Delacroix, Melissa Schroeder and Debbie Mazzuca (Kanata B) These authors take us on a journey to different times and places – from Scottish Highlands to the American Frontier, Regency and Victorian London, and Medieval Europe. Come hear all about their research and what they love about what they write!

The Worst Trivia Game Ever with Eve Langlais and Millly Taiden (Kanata C)Romance, suspense, mystery, comedy, shifters of all kinds… these authors have plenty of topics that might come up in this wacky, wild trivia game.

Back to the 80s Party! With Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. Pillow (Algonquin) Always wish you were Jessie’s Girl? Have more than your fair share of Manic Mondays? Ever try calling Jenny at 867-5309? Are you Pretty in Pink? Ever wonder what it sounds like When Doves Cry? Spin Right Round with Mandy M. Roth’s Awesome 80s Music Trivia.


Catered dinner with Susan Hayes, Milly Taiden, Mandy M. Roth, Robyn Peterman, and Melissa Schroeder (Kanata Ballroom) For meal registration ticket holders only

Dangerous Dinner with Shannon Mayer (Algonquin) For meal registration ticket holders only

8:00 to 11:00

Steampunk Ball for all ticket holders (Kanata Ballroom)

Saturday, August 3rd

8:00 (Breakfast Snack events)

Books Books & More Books Bingo with Becca Jameson and Elle Boon (Kanata A) Did we mention books? Oh, and Breakfast with Becca & Boon (Jameson and Elle). Start your day with a fun game of book cover bingo where you can win a print book (lots of titles to choose from) and eat a delicious breakfast all at the same time with the fabulous F-Bomb-dropping, purple-loving authors, Becca Jameson and Elle Boon.

Blind Date with a PNR Hero with Deborah Cooke, J Thompson, Lacey Silks, and NJ Walters (Algonquin) Start your day building a custom hero  with Deborah Cooke, with a mix of choices and surprises, and end up with his own book cover to color. Prizes, too!


Fascinating Fascinators! with Amy Ruttan, AM Griffin, Eve Vaughn, and Deborah Cooke (Kanata A)Join Amy Ruttan, A.M. Griffin, Eve Vaughn & Deb Cooke for a fun hour crafting a fascinator that floats your dirigible (dirigibles not included!). There will be a quick fashion show and prizes for the most fascinating fascinator!

What’s Your Fortune… in Bed? with Desiree Holt, Elle Boon, Susan Hayes, NJ Walters, and Zoe York (Kanata B) Pick a fortune cookie, read it aloud, with special additions and maybe action scenes! LOL!

Hell on the High Seas with Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, Eve Langlais, Debra Dunbar, Mina Carter, and Robyn Peterman (Kanata C) Embark on a Love Boat-esque cruise with some of your favorite authors… and they’re bringing along their most hellish characters for the ride!

Build-A-Harem with Eva Chase, Ophelia Bell, and TB Mann (Algonquin) Why settle for one book boyfriend when you can have a whole harem? Join Eva Chase and friends to discover the joys of multiple mates. You’ll compete to build a harem of your favorite fictional heroes, with tons of prizes to go around!


Build Your Own Book Cover with Melissa Schroeder (Kanata A) Have you ever wanted to design a cover for your favorite romance novel but have no artistic abilities? USA Today Bestseller Melissa Schroeder has you covered. She’ll bring the tools, you bring your imagination. Goodies for everyone and prizes for our winners!

PDA, SEA, & FPU with Milly’s World Authors (Kanata B) Hang out with Milly’s World Authors and learn more about the Paranormal Dating Agency, Sassy Ever After, and the Federal Paranormal Unit!

Unicorns, Mermaids, and Fairies, Oh My! with Robyn Peterman, Mandy M. Roth, Michelle M. Pillow, and Eve Langlais (Kanata C)Need we say more? Let’s celebrate in our favorite mythical creatures and talk about how these authors write them happily ever afters!

Draw a Stickman Cover! With Mina Carter, Susan Hayes, and J Thompson (Algonquin) Join Mina Carter and friends for this craft session with a difference! We’ll be drawing covers for selected blurbs against the clock, BUT only with stick men! Minimal art skills required, promise! (‘cause Mina can’t draw to save her life!)


Lights, Camera… Trivia! With Michelle M. Pillow and Mandy M. Roth (Kanata A) Here’s your chance to walk the red carpet and strut your stuff like a movie star with NYT Bestseller Michelle M. Pillow. Show off your 90s movie and television knowledge, and maybe even win some prizes!

Two Truths and a Lie with Molly O’Keefe, Deborah Cooke, Susan Hayes, Ellis Leigh, Zoe York, and Lilith Darville (Kanata B) Join Molly O’Keefe, Zoe York, Susan Hayes, Deborah Cooke, and Ellis Leigh for Two Truths And A Lie – guess which author is telling the truth and talking about a book they actually wrote or one they are making up!

It’s the End of the World! With Eve Langlais, Eve Vaughn, and Shannon Mayer (Kanata C)What happens when characters face the end of our world, and the dark, nightmarish world that persists after the apocalypse? Come talk dystopian romance and more!


Barbie Fashion Face-Off with AM Griffin, Eve Vaughn, and Amy Ruttan (Kanata A)Have you ever thought, “My Barbie wouldn’t be caught dead in this?” Well, if so, this event is for you. We’ve got the Barbies, fabric, sparkles, and hot glue for you to show your makeover talents!

Reading Riot with Susan Hayes, Freya Barker, Elle Boon, Mina Carter, Desiree Holt, NJ Walters, and Zoe York (Kanata B)  

Join Susan and her cohorts for an hour of giveaways, giggles, and guesses as they read from each other’s books. Your job – guess who wrote what.

Magically Delicious Stories with Shannon Mayer, Robyn Peterman, Debra Dunbar, and Michelle M. Pillow (Kanata C) Magic never goes out of style, and magic users need love too. What makes a witch, wizard, mage or sorcerer?  And who is their perfect match?

Milly’s World Lunch (Algonquin) for Golden Ticket meal registration only ! Hosted by: Milly Taiden, Ophelia Bell, Godiva Glenn, Sheri Lyn, Julia Mills, Jennifer Wedmore, Roxanne Witherell. Chicken/Ribs and fries lunch while hanging out with Milly’s World Authors and learning more about the Paranormal Dating Agency, Sassy Ever After, and the Federal Paranormal Unit!

3:00 to 6:00pm

Giant Multi-Author Book Sale and Signing (Kanata Ballroom) open to the public