Registration for RTC Ottawa, 2017 Is SOLD OUT.

When: August 3rd, 4th and 5th, 2017

Where: Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa/Kanata

Who’s Attending: Fantastic authors including several New York Times, USA Today and Amazon BestSellers

What to Expect: Swag, Prizes, Fun Events, Interesting Panels, A Book Signing, along with plenty of smiles and laughter!

Here’s a snapshot of the schedule (subject to change). We’ll post the full agenda with images etc as soon as we know it’s not changing and gone to the printers.

Read some of the event descriptions below.

Reader Registration includes:

  • Registration bag stuffed with goodies
  • Access to all panels and events, room size permitting
  • Thursday Evening Fun Times
  • Friday Night Heroes & Villains Gala
  • Saturday Night Fairytale Monster Bash
  • Thursday Afternoon Writing and Publishing Panels
  • Book Signing Saturday from 2pm -4pm
  • Coffee and Pastries Friday & Saturday morning (room size permitting)
  • Crafts like Getting Horny with Viola Grace
  • Panels about your favorite genres
  • Friday and Saturday night dinners depend on registration type.
  • And more….

(See below for individual event details.)

Come and join us for all the fun planned at #RTC2017.

Please keep in mind, that those attending the event are responsible for their own: transportation, meals, accommodations, and other amenities they might require. You do NOT have to stay at the hotel for the event. So long as you are registered, you can participate in everything.

PLEASE NOTE: While authors are more than welcome to register to attend as a reader, they are NOT allowed to sell books or forcibly promote themselves. If you did not make the author list but wish to donate something then RTC will gladly accept gift basket donations. Thank you in advance for respecting the sponsoring authors who have spent a lot of their hard earned royalties and time on making the event memorable for readers.


To be put on a waitlist in case someone has to cancel please contact us at

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL. No refunds however you may sell/transfer your ticket until July 14th when we finalize the registration guest list.


Event Descriptions:

(*Subject to change)

Heroic Play Dough Creations

Use your hands and imagination to sculpt (possibly dirty) masterpieces with Coreene Callahan and Darynda Jones.

Get Bento

Are you wondering what to make for lunch? Get Bento! Bento is the Japanese word for lunch and Viola will take you through the basics of rice sculpting, selecting main and side dishes, and
balls, balls balls. Join us for Wasabi Roulette in the morning…if you dare. (space is limited)

Build A Hero

With Robyn Peterman, Darynda Jones and Cynthia St. Aubin. Teams will compete to create a hero… This will involve glue, markers and scissors and a little bit of insanity! Prizes for the team who builds the most awesome or potentially frightening stud!!

Saucy sing Along

Led by Susan Hayes and friends Amy Ruttan, Heather Long, Elle James, Tina Christopher, Viola Grace and Elle Rush. Join this merry band of authors for some musical mayhem on Thursday night as they indulge in some group, karaoke-style crooning, with lots of laughter and prizes for all.

Kiss Marry Kill

Hugh Jackman, Channing Tatum, and Idris Elba? Play a round or two yourself, or cheer on other readers as they play KMK with Zoe York‘s Big Deck of Celebrity Boyfriends.

Sex, Science, and Romance

This is a frank discussion about sex. Come find out why sex sells and have your fun, off the wall or serious questions about sex and sexuality answered and win some naughty prizes! (Angela S. Stone)

Sin Is In

Stop by and find out what Eliza Gayle (also known as the contemporary romance writing foul-mouthed E.M. Gayle) has in store for you next and take home a special treat.

Romance Trivia Extravaganza

Wheel of Deal or No Deal: Jeopardy Style. Can you name the movie starring Rose and Jack? Or fill in the second half of famous Hollywood couples like Goldie Hawn and ??? Join Elle Rush, Amy Ruttan and Susan Hayes for a fun-filled session of Hollywood romance, rom-com, and romantic-suspense trivia games. Brush up on books by RTCs attending authors for more chances to win.

Where Do Authors Get Their Crazy Ideas?

Do authors think differently from ‘normal’ people? Have you ever wondered where those characters, plot twists, and wild adventures came from? If you thought we were a little bit crazy, you may be right! Join us to find out the answer to that question and play “What if?” It’s a new game everyone can enjoy. And we might get some new story ideas. (Anne Lange, Ashlyn Chase and Kate Reedwood )

Sex Through the Ages

Hosted by  Barbara Devlin along with Anna Markland & Claire Delacroix.

Smut Bash

A wild time with crazy author Milly Taiden.

You can’t say that

Join Sheri Lyn for a game of guess the title, movie, book etc…. two teams will battle to be the winner by answering the clues given to them by their team mates.


Let’s unwind for a bit and pretend we’re carefree kids again with an adult coloring session. Authors and readers all welcome. Colored pencils and goodies to color will be provided but if you’re a serious coloring aficionado with your own special implements feel free to bring them with you.(Cat Johnson)

Lucky Digits

Ever wonder how authors come up with their pen names or the names of their characters? Want to be an author and find your own pen name or that of your characters? Here’s a fun way to do it using numbers. We’ll provide the worksheets, you provide the names. Fun, saucy and sexy.<(Desiree Holt and Ashlyn Chase)

Tic Tac Wolf

– Play with Heather Long and Desiree Holt, score in the game, hear some fun tales, and laugh along with the authors. Prizes, high-jinks, and fun!

Snag Some Swag

with Sharon Hamilton

Never Have I Ever

Find out all sorts of fun info about your friends and fellow authors. Have you jumped out of a plane? Eaten exotic food? Run with the bulls in Spain? Haven’t done anything like this? That’s okay too! Because there’s something to be said for a safe, happy life of sitting at home reading! There’s a chance for everyone to win in this game! Come and find out about your fellow attendees and find out who has bungee jumped and who prefers to play it a bit safer! PRIZES GALORE! Susan Stoker

Shifter Bingo

What’s better than regular bingo? Playing with fur of course and Violet Vaughn

Q & A

Ask Milly Taiden anything and win some prizes.

Build Your Own Book Boyfriend

it’s Arts and Crafts time! Whip out your glue stick and build a book cover! (Zoe York)

Knights vs Dragons!

Compete for your favourite at my annual puzzle-making challenge! (Deb Cooke)

Perverted Pirate Playtime

Expect insane laughter with Cynthia St. Aubin & Robyn Peterman Zahn

Stalk An Author

Test your knowledge of pop culture and authors as we have you play a game show that doesn’t take itself seriously with Eve Langlais with Darynda Jones, Milly Taiden and Coreene Callahan (Thursday Evening Event)

Painting with a Mini and Me Twist

Join Heather Long and her Mini-Me to paint a picture designed just for Romancing the Capital.  While Mini Me leads the painting, Heather will be open to Q&A as well as sharing a few fun anecdotes. Come for the painting, stay for the laughter! (Limited to 20 participants!)

Coffee, Pastries & Book Bingo!

Join Elle James for fun and prizes playing Book Bingo over coffee and Pastries. Prizes donated by your favorite authors.

RTC Blurbs Against Humanity

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you already know all you need to know about this game, but if you haven’t, don’t worry – no knowledge required! Come and play, and see what happens when you start to get a little bit of one author’s chocolate into another author’s peanut butter, with a game based on the blurbs of the authors of RTC. ‘Nathan Burgoine

The Vice is Right (Filthy Shades of Feud Edition)

It’s time to play FILTHY FEUD! Presented by Sharon Page, Opal Carew, and the Pub-Craft Team. Based off the classic Family Feud, you will face off against fellow attendees and your favourite authors, win jewels to ‘buy’ special prize packs and swag, and prove you know the most about romance! Being bad is oh-so-good in this tantalizing workshop!

50 Shades of Play

Join Tina Christopher, Cathryn Fox, Kristine Cayne, Angela S. Stone, and Elizabeth Lister for an epic helping of hilarity, a dash of naughtiness, and a pinch of “Did-That-Really-Just-Happen?”. Play familiar games like never before and enjoy the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

GMC – Goal, Motivation, and Conflict!

An Introduction to the Building Blocks of a Great Romance (Based on the system created by Debra Dixon) (Thursday Afternoon Panel)

Dirty Talk with Opal and Sharon

Join Opal Carew, Sharon Page, and The Pub-Craft Team as they teach you how to talk dirty! This workshop will give you the Top Ten Tips of Dirty Talk, as well as ample time to practice forming quick and dirty dialogue in a hilarious environment, all aided by deliciously HOT audio samples from Opal Carew’s DIRTY TALK series. There will be some fun and dirty prizes!

PJ’s, Puzzles and Prizes

Join Cathryn Fox, Sara Hubbard and Elle James for Saturday morning breakfast. Come in your PJ’s, and be entered into our drawing for a gift basket full of Canadian goodness!

It’s Too Early For This Shit

Join A. M. Griffin, Amy Ruttan, Carey Decevito, Lucy Farago and Michelle Howard-Author for early morning trivia that’ll be sure to make you laugh and wake you up. Prizes, shenanigans and lots of caffeine guaranteed.

Crappy-Ass Tarot Readings

by your favorite authors Elle James, Susan Stoker, Robyn Peterman, Cathryn Fox, Cynthia St. Aubin, AC James, and Heather Long. No they don’t know how, that’s why it’s crappy-ass! Join the fun and learn with them.