BOOK SIGNING: August 4th, from 4 – 6 pm

***Only the signing is open to the public.

Main EVENT Tickets sold out. Join our Facebook group to be informed if anyone is looking to sell theirs.

Details on the conference:

When: August 2nd, 3rd and 4th , 2018 (Registrations starts at 1pm on the 2nd)

Where: Holiday Inn & Suites Ottawa/Kanata

Who’s Attending: Fantastic authors including several New York Times, USA Today and Amazon BestSellers

What to Expect: Swag, Prizes, Fun Events, Interesting Panels, A Book Signing, along with plenty of smiles and laughter!

Reader Registration includes:

  • Registration bag stuffed with goodies
  • Access to all panels and events Thu-Sat, room size permitting
  • Friday Night Masquerade Ball
  • Thursday Evening fun and games
  • Thursday Afternoon Writing and Publishing Panels
  • Book Signing Saturday Afternoon
  • Coffee and Pastries Friday & Saturday morning (room size permitting)
  • Crafts and Games
  • Panels about your favorite genres
  • Friday Dinner and Saturday Lunch depend on registration type.
  • And more….

Come and join us for all the fun planned at #RTC2018.

Please keep in mind, that those attending the event are responsible for their own: transportation, meals, accommodations, and other amenities they might require. You do NOT have to stay at the hotel for the event. So long as you are registered, you can participate in all events. Sponsored Meals are subject to registration type.

NOTE: While authors are more than welcome to register to attend as a reader, they are NOT allowed to sell books or forcibly promote themselves. If you did not make the author list but wish to donate something then RTC will gladly accept gift basket donations. Thank you in advance for respecting the sponsoring authors who have spent a lot of their hard earned royalties and time on making the event memorable for readers.


Event Descriptions:


  • Thursday Panels (no registration needed for aspiring writers from 1pm to 6pm Thursday May 2nd, only):

    1:00 – 1:50pm

    Beyond the Furrowed Brow with Jennifer Carole Lewis

    Learn the subtle difference between being startled and being surprised, between contempt and disgust and the wide range in which we express and experience happiness. Here’s your chance to learn to read (and write) between the lines. (Kanata A)

    Go Global with Kobo Writing Life with Tara Cremin

    Learn how Kobo Writing Life makes it simple for indie authors to publish and promote their books. Are you just getting started? Already self-publishing but looking for strategies to reach more readers? This will be the perfect learning opportunity for you! (Kanata B)

    Badge Decorating with Elizabeth Lister & Nathan Burgoine

    Jazz up your RTC name badge and talk to experienced authors and attendees to find out what you should expect this weekend! (Kanata C)

    2:00 – 2:50pm

    Social Media for Authors with Kristine Cayne

    Increase your online presence without losing your mind! This workshop will discuss the musts and the nice-to-haves as well as tools for automating posts, retweets, and more. (Kanata A)

    Let’s Talk About Audio with CM Seabrook, Eve Langlais, Shannon Mayer, Cathryn Fox, and Milly Taiden

    Hear from authors why they’re investing in audiobooks, and how to go about producing and distributing them. (Kanata B)

    Meet Kobo Writing Life with Tara Cremin

    Have you ever thought about running your own publishing business? If you’re a great writer with an entrepreneurial streak, then Kobo Writing Life is the place for you. Here’s your chance to meet KWL and ask anything you can think of about publishing and metadata! (Kanata C)

    3:00 – 3:50pm

     Alphaholes: Writing the Anti-Hero with Eve Vaughn, AM Griffin, and Amy Ruttan

    They’re hot, smart, and competent leaders, but there’s one thing that makes them different than other heroes: they know they’re not a “good guy”. Find out how these authors make their anti-heroes compelling and desirable. (Kanata A)

    Shared Series / Branding

    with Milly Taiden, Desiree Holt, Marianne Morea, Susan Hayes, and Lauren Hawkeye

    How does more than one author write in one world? Have you ever wanted to co-write a book or series, or just have some fun in someone else’s world? Find out how these authors do it. (Kanata B)

    Meet ORWA

    Ottawa Romance Writers Association was created in 1985 with Jo Beverley as a founding member. Meet some members and find out why joining ORWA can benefit you! (Kanata C)

    4:00 – 4:50pm

    Queer Inclusive Writing with Nathan Burgoine

    A Queer “Ask Me Anything,” including tips and tricks (and common pitfalls to avoid) for being more queer positive and queer inclusive with your writing. (Kanata A)

    Draft 2 Digital Distribution with Dan Woods

    As a writer, you want to write. So when it comes to publishing, you could use a little support. D2D makes it easy. (Kanata B)

    Badge Decorating with Eve Vaughn, AM Griffin, and Amy Ruttan

    Another chance to beautify that name badge and talk to experienced RTCers! (Kanata C)

    5:00 – 5:50pm

    Writing Despite & Thru Adversity with Barbara Devlin, Sara Hubbard, Kristine Cayne, Lucy Farago, and Amy Ruttan

    Authors tend to work alone and struggle alone. Sometimes when the words don’t come, there’s guilt and depression. When our own bodies fail us, we worry if the words will ever come again.Learn how these superbly strong women got past adversity and went on to eventually write again. (Kanata A)

    Go Canada! Stories Set at Home with Viola Grace, Freya Barker, Sarah Castille, and Angela S. Stone

    These ladies are all about moose and maple syrup. Find out why they’re committed to writing stories set and home, and how they do it! (Kanata B)

    Chat with D2D with Dan Woods

    A unique opportunity to find out more about Draft 2 Digital distribution for indie authors. (Kanata C)

    7:00 – 9:00pm Registration Required for all attendees

    Cupcake Party with Viola Grace

    In celebration of her 400th book, Viola Grace is bringing in 400 mini cupcakes to celebrate. Take 2, they’re small. (Kanata A)

    Stalk an Author with Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Coreene Callahan, and Susan Hayes

    One of our favourite ways to warm up for the weekend is back! Join Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Coreene Callahan, and Susan Hayes to test your stalking skills and pop culture knowledge in this fast-paced game. (Kanata B)

    Write with Shannon Mayer

    Build the basis for a story in a massive brainstorm session. Heroine, hero, sidekicks and magic, creatures and rules to the world. Shannon will take it all and write the story with your name as a contributor! (Kanata C)

    Getting Foxy Glamour Night with Cathryn Fox, Sara Hubbard, A.M Griffin, and Lauren Hawkeye

    Join Cathryn Fox, Sara Hubbard, A.M Griffin, and Lauren Hawkeye to start your weekend of fun with a manicure, chit-chat and lots of sexy prizes to be won. (Algonquin)

    Friday – Registration Required for all attendees

    8:00 – 8:50am

    Big O Bingo with Anne Lange and Lucy Farago

    Food & sex, the mornings of romance readers. Join Anne Lange and Lucy Farago and let’s see if we can discover a new way to make you scream and shout. (Kanata A)

    Dragon Eggs & Ham with Julia Mills, Tianna Xander, and Elianne Adams

    I am Julia. Julia I am. Would you like Dragon eggs & Ham? Come have brekkie with my girls and me. A good to have I promise it will be. There’ll be hot guys, sassy girls and a whole lot of naughty. There might even be bagels, cinnamon buns, and a lot of hot coffee. I promise lots of cool prizes for all you early risers! See you there with pigtails in my hair. XOXO (Algonquin)

    9:00 – 9:50am

    Soldiers, Cowboys and Dukes, Oh My

    with Sandy Sullivan, Cathryn Fox, Desiree Holt, and Barbara Devlin

    We love a man with a title! Let’s look at what makes historical and contemporary heroes so swoonworthy. (Kanata A)

    Very Naughty Pictionary with Kristine Cayne, Freya Barker, and Tianna Xander

    This reader favorite is back again! We’ll have you blushing and laughing in no time as we draw naughty pictures that are definitely for adults only! (Kanata B)

    People Aren’t a Sub-Genre with Nathan Burgoine, Eve Vaughn, Sheri Lyn, and A.M. Griffin

    Join us for a discussion on the struggle of balancing visibility and flexibility, the double-edged sword of awards categories, and how what can seem helpful is actually harmful. (Kanata C)

     Turning Your Pets into Heroes and Other Tales of Hellkitten Chronicles with Viola Grace

    Starting a book sometimes takes place using those around you as characters…so why not give your pets a life beyond your understanding and write it down. (Algonquin)

    10:00 – 10:50am

    My Hero is a Shapeshifter with Elianne Adams, Marianne Morea, Coreen Callahan, and Milly Taiden

    Wolves, bears, dragons, and more! Which is your favorite, and why do we love them so much? Talk it out with these leading paranormal romance authors! (Kanata A)

    Getting Off on Books, Family Feud Style!

    With Sheri Lyn, Gracen Miller, Cassidy O’Connor and Elizabeth Lister

    Most of us are familiar with the Family Feud gameshow, and we’re incorporating the book world into the theme. Door prizes are given to the first 25 who arrive. Winners will get premium giveaways. (Kanata B)

    Complex Urban Fantasy with Shannon Mayer, Jennifer Carole Lewis, A.M. Griffin, Eve Langlais

    What do guns with souls, supernatural burlesque dancers, vampire P.I.s, and Lucifer’s son have in common? Find out in this panel! (Kanata C)

    Glitz & Glam Covers with Mandy Rosko & Sharon Page

    Get crafty and design your own hot book covers for a chance to win awesome prizes! (Algonquin)

    11:00 – 11:50am

    A Little Suspense with That Romance with Olivia Rigal, Amy Ruttan, Becca Jameson, and Sarah Castille

    These authors have tested the mettle of their heroes and heroines while leading them to happily ever afters. (Kanata A)

    Getting Off on Books, Family Feud Style!

    With Sheri Lyn, Gracen Miller, Cassidy O’Connor and Elizabeth Lister

    Most of us are familiar with the Family Feud gameshow, and we’re incorporating the book world into the theme. Door prizes are given to the first 25 who arrive. Winners will get premium giveaways. (Kanata B)

    Can you Draw Our Covers? With Eve Langlais, Viola Grace, and Milly Taiden

    Do you have epic stick person drawing skills? Get ready to wield a marker and have the audience figure out the cover you’re drawing. (Kanata C)

    The Brides of the Kindred Wedding Dress Design with Evangeline Anderson and Mina Carter

    Compete in teams and make the loveliest wedding dress for a future Kindred Bride… out of toilet paper! (Algonquin)

    12:00 – 12:50pm

    Drop in and See D2D with Dan Woods

    Write. Upload. Sell. Draft 2 Digital lets indie authors format, publish, and distribute their books with ease. They believe the hardest part of being a writer should be the writing. (Kanata A)

    Visit with Kobo Writing Life

    Kobo Writing Life is a global DIY publishing platform that empowers authors to take their publishing career into their own hands. They are a small team with a big vision and are proud of their reputation as the most author-friendly platform out there. (Kanata B)

    Canadian Author Meet & Greet

    Come say hi to some of our home-grown authors! (Kanata C)

    Knitting Circle with Lauren Hawkeye and Elle Rush

    Bring your yarn, embroidery or anything with a needle for a calming hour of gab and needlework. (Algonquin)

    1:00 – 1:50pm

     When One Hero Isn’t Enough with Anne Lange, Emma Dawn, Susan Hayes, and Eve Vaughn

    Two’s a party but three (or more) is… a bigger party! Bring on the roommates, werewolves, cyborg soldiers, centuries old warlocks, best friends, and more! These authors know all about it! (Kanata A)

    Got Wood with Cathryn Fox and Lauren Hawkeye

    Join the writers of WOOD for some sexy time. Dirty games and Dirty prizes. Not for the faint of heart! (Kanata B)

     Where did that come from? With Carey Decevito and Freya Barker

    Get that team spirit jazzed and your buzzer hand warmed up because you’ll enjoy guessing “Where that came from?” in four words or less with some of the most famous silver screen gems to date! (Kanata C)

     RTC Against Humanity with Nathan Burgoine and Elizabeth Lister

    It’s back, and blurbier than ever. Come pair one RTC author’s chocolate in another RTC author’s peanut butter, and make the next great bestseller.. or punchline. (Algonquin)

     2:00 – 2:50pm

     Cyborgs: Part Machine, All Man with Susan Hayes, Viola Grace, Eve Langlais, and Mina Carter

    Did they start as man and become something more, or start as machine and become more man? Either way, these authors imagine what romance with one might be like! (Kanata A)

    Dirty Diction with Marianne Morea and Tianna Xander

    It’s Cards Against Humanity meets Cranium, an adult party game based off our f#$!ed up English language. Combines luck, laughter, skill, yelling, art, intellect, & a complete lack of decency…   (Kanata B)

    Barbie Fashion Face-off: Haute Couture Edition with A.M. Griffin, Eve Vaughn, and Sara Hubbard

    Have you ever thought, “My Barbie wouldn’t be caught dead in this denim outfit/swim suit/party dress/athletic wear/everyday wear/lab coat? Well, if so, this event is for you. fabric, sparkles, glue and hot guns provided. (Kanata C)

     Smut Bash with Milly Taiden

    An hour of wild and wacky fun celebrating girls with curves, guys with fur, paranormal romance, shifters, A.L.F.A. heroes, and everything in-between. (Algonquin)

     3:00 – 3:50pm

    Love Amongst the Stars with Milly Taiden, Evangeline Anderson, Michelle Howard, and Mina Carter

    They might be ship captains, aliens, cyborgs, or warriors, but even in space you can’t hide from love. Let’s discus these authors’ expansive worlds, species, and relationships! (Kanata A)

     How to Have Better Sex (in Your Books) with Angela S. Stone

    Join our resident sex-pert as she talks about how to have better sex in your books, and maybe in your bedroom too. This event is open to all but contains frank sexual discussions. (Kanata B)

    Dirty Minds with Amy Ruttan, A.M. Griffin, Eve Vaughn, Elle Rush, Desiree Holt, and Susan Hayes

    Ever wonder what goes in dry and hard, but comes out wet and soft? If you’re thinking something dirty, you’re wrong! Join this innocently fun dirty word play game! There will be prizes, laughs and a lot of innuendos. (Kanata C)

     Seriously Sidekicks with Shannon Mayer

    Who has the best sidekicks in the business and why? Ron and Hermione from Hary Potter? Samwise from Lord of the Rings? Get ready to battle your fellow readers for some of your very own stuffed sidekicks. (Algonquin)

    4:00 – 4:50pm

    Going to Hell – And Loving It! with Gracen miller, Eve Langlais, Viola Grace, and Nathan Burgoine

    These authors love to play in the dark and see what lurks in the shadows. It’s all about Lucifer, demons, power, and sometimes even saving the world from the apocalypse. (Kanata A)

    Dirty Dice Beachy Gift Grab with Shannyn Leah and Carey Decevito

    Roll it. Grab it. Unwrap it. Steal it. Naughty or nice, there’s a gift for you… if you’re lucky enough to roll spicy doubles. It’s time for some indoor fun in the sun. (Kanata B)

     Doors Wide Open: Erotic Romance with Zoe York, Cathryn Fox, C.M. Seabrook, and Olivia Rigal

    These authors like it HOT. Explore how sexual encounters can be an essential part of character and relationship development, and also be just plain fun! (Kanata C)

    Cowboy Trivia Hour with Sandy Sullivan, Elle Rush, and Molly O’Keefe

    Do you know the traditional purpose of a cowboy hat? Or the names of the horses famous cowboys rode? Join in to win books, gift cards, and more. (Algonquin)


     Catered Dinner with Authors – Hosted by: Coreene Callahan, Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, & Susan Hayes

    In Kanata (For meal registration tickets only)

    Catered Dinner with Viola Grace

    In Algonquin (For meal registration tickets only)


    Masquerade Ball

    In Kanata (Open to all ticket holders)

    Mayhem to Magic and Masquerade with Viola Grace

    In Algonquin – Space is limited, we suggest you arrive early to diner with Viola to get a spot for this event.


    8:00 – 8:50am

     Morning Sugar Rush with Elle Rush, Elizabeth Lister, and Olivia Rigal

    Join Elle Rush, Elizabeth Lister, and Olivia Rigal for coffee, tea, pasteries, and everything you need to get energized. Plus, enjoy a little Christmas in August and see what Santa left for you. (Kanata A)

    Hot Coffee & Hot Words with Desiree Holt, Amy Ruttan, and Susan Hayes

    How hot is hot, and what words bring the best hot images? Join Desiree Holt, Susan Hayes, and Amy Ruttan to see whose reading of hot words is the hottest. (Algonquin)

     9:00 – 9:50am

    Covers of Fortune with Olivia Rigal

    Spin the wheel to play Covers of Fortune. Discover the title of books or the name of series to win books and all sorts of swag. (Kanata A)

     Who Am I? Authors and Heroes Edition

    with Susan Hayes, Desiree Holt, Amy Ruttan, Zoe York, and A.M. Griffin

    How well do you know your authors and their creations? Come play “Who Am I” with us and find out. Prizes, giggles, and good times for all. (Kanata B)

    Let’s Talk about Sex… Through the Ages with Barbara Devlin, Molly O’Keefe, and Sharon Page

    We’ll discuss the evolution of intimacy, some interesting beliefs associated with sex, and then play the 5-second Rule: Uncensored. (Kanata C)

     Play Dough Sculpt a Hero with Coreene Callahan and Shannon Mayer

    Use your hands and imagination to sculpt masterpieces with this classic malleable modeling substances. (Algonquin)

     10:00 – 10:50am

     Alpha Plinko with Elianne Adams

    Every participant gets a free chip, but if you brush up on your knowledge of Élianne’s sexy Alphas for extra chances to win. There will be prizes, and fun to be had. (Kanata A)

     Jeopardy Prize Wheel with Mina Carter and Evangeline Anderson

    Join us for a fun trivia game. Spin the wheel, land on a category and answer correctly to win signed book prizes! (Kanata B)

    Can You Fake It? With Lucy Farago and Anne Lange

    Have you ever sat in a New York deli and thought you could’ve shown Sally a thing or two? Did you ever dream of doing it…for an audience. Join us for a wild twist on charades. (Kanata C)

     Sexy Cover Puzzles

    with Becca Jameson, Zoe York, Cathryn Fox, Sarah Castille, Sara Hubbard, and Shannyn Leah

    Who is the fastest puzzle assembler at the con? Work in teams to put together your hot cover first! Be ready for some awesome prizes and drawings! (Algonquin)

    11:00 – 11:50am

     Totally Tubular Eighties Trivia! With Eve Vaughn and A.M. Griffin

    Take a trip back in time to test your knowledge of 80’s pop culture subjects from music, movies and television for your chance to win radical prizes! Guaranteed to be totally righteous…to the max!! (Kanata A)

    Basics of Burlesque with Jennifer Carole Lewis

    Celebrate your inner goddess with an introductory venture into the vaudeville-inspired combination of teasing, dance and laughs. All levels of mobility, fitness, and boldness welcome. (Kanata B)

    Build a Book Cover! With Zoe York and Becca Jameson

    Descend on a stack of magazines stolen from Zoe’s mother-in-law’s house and use glue sticks, scissors, and your wicked imagination to design your very own book cover. (Kanata C)

    Epic Cover Bingo with Eve Langlais, Michelle Howard, Coreene Callahan, and Shannon Mayer

    Get your stamper ready. It’s time for another round of hot cover Bingo with tons of prizes and laughter. (Algonquin)

     12:45 – 2:30pm

    Catered Lunch with Authors

    Hosted by A.M. Griffin, Amy Ruttan, Barbara Devlin, Becca Jameson, Elianne Adams, Evangeline Anderson, Eve Vaughn, Gracen Miller, Jennifer Carole Lewis, Marianne Morea, Mina Carter, Olivia Rigal, Sandy Sullivan, and Sheri Lyn

    In Kanata (For meal registration tickets only)

    Saturday lunch with Shannon Mayer

    In Algonquin Small Ballroom (For meal registration tickets only)

    4:00 – 6:00pm

    Massive Romance Book Sale & Signing

    In Kanata – Open to the public (no ticket required)

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