Getting Ready for RTCOttawa 2019 – the countdown is on

  1. Are you in the Facebook group? Make some friends ahead of time, get excited about what’s coming and more at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/rtcottawa/
  2. Have you pre-ordered books from your favorite authors? If you NEED a specific book, be sure to let them know. Pre-order will begin in the spring for most authors. There will also be a pop up Chapters store in the registration area Saturday for authors with traditionally published books. Limited supply. Cash only.

For the readers, it officially begins 7pm August 1st, 2019. If you’re interested in writing and publishing, then there are Thursday afternoon panels starting at 1pm for current and aspiring authors.

Whenever you like. It’s your ticket. Show up early or fashionably late. We’ll start registration Thursday at 1pm until 5pm. Then again the Friday  and Saturday morning starting around 8am.

Whatever makes you happy! We’re not formal here, and we don’t judge. So dress to the nines if you like, or come on down to hang in your most comfy yoga pants. We only frown on nudity, so that leaves the options wide open.

Hell no. Again, your comfort is key. But the authors usually have prizes for best dressed.

Eventbrite will send you an email with a code to scan. Super easy. Or, you can show up and give us the name and email you used to register. Your name badge will only display your first name to keep your privacy intact. If you register Thursday you won’t be able to pick your bag until Friday as we’ll still be stuffing them.

We are flexible with reader tickets, so give or sell it to someone else. Or bring another friend. Just be sure to let us know beforehand if possible, or even when you register. It’s easy enough to flip a name tag over and write a new name in.

No. While we welcome you to the event, please note the focus is on the authors who spent a great deal of time and money on sponsoring. We ask that you respect them. If you want to sponsor the next year, then submit your name to the interest form.

Don’t be. The beautiful thing about a romance reader and author conference is you are surrounded by like minded people. We ALL love to read romance. So relax, have fun, and prepare to giggle.

No. This is a buffet style meal and while we do our best to have something for everyone, we cannot do special requests. We have none meal tickets available at a lower price if you cannot do the meals.

All events are first come first serve. Rooms can only hold so many people. Keep in mind, that if one event is too full, there are still numerous others happening at the same time that can entertain you.

Privacy Policy, Harassment Policy and Accessibility

These are all super important to RTC  which is why we have policies in place. Click the links to read more.


I think that about covers it. This is Eve by the way, the crazy author hosting this shindig and I am super excited to meet you all. My biggest hope is that everyone has a fabulous time and comes away not only smiling from meeting their favorite authors but from discovering new ones too.

~Eve Langlais

PS. Got a question, post it in the Facebook group, or if you’re shy, PM me privately.